Site Rules

Below is a short summary of our site rules. A full briefing will take place at events to cover additional rules.

FPS limits: Rifles & support weapons 350 fps max, DMR 400 fps with minimum engagement distance of 25m, Single shot sniper rifles 500 fps with a minimum engagement distance of 25m. Fixed support weapons 400fps. All FPS are with .2s.

Ammo rules: Box/drum mags on support weapons only.

No blind firing. You must be able to see what you are shooting at.

Cheating or cheat calling will not be tolerated.

Aggressive, abusive and dangerous behaviour towards other players or staff will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the site.

Eye protection must be worn at all times.

Protective footwear must be worn. No trainers.

You are responsible for your own kit. RESPAWN AIRSOFT cannot be held responsible for kit lost, stolen or damaged.

Notify staff of any medical conditions or medication you may be taking. Medication must be kept in your top left hand pocket with any relevant details.

Game Rules

Yellow smoke is used as gas so if you are inside the smoke cloud you are dead only exceptions are if you are wearing a respirator or gas mask and then you can move freely.

Hit taking is not an option, if your are hit raise your hand and shout hit.

Dead men and players waiting for a medic don't talk.

You will all be issued with a white arm band this is your medic. When you are hit raise it into the air and shout medic, Another player then takes the band off you and puts it round your upper arm that's the medic complete. When hit again with medic band on you are now dead and must go to respawn, when there remove the band put it in your pocket and repeat.

If the injured player or the medicing player get hit during the medic they are both dead and must return to respawn.

An injured player may be moved up to 5 meters by the medic to get into cover.

The pyro radius is 5 meters if you are in that area when it goes off you are dead.

When your weapon is hit it becomes inactive till you next respawn. When this happens you must use your secondary weapon or borrow one from your loving team mates.

You cannot be mediced from pyro as you are mince, knife kills as your throat has been cut.

There are riot shields in play, when using a shield you can only fire when it is planted on the ground and it is pistols only. You may move as cover for others firing over the top of you. If you are in a pyro radius when using the shield you are dead and must Respawn. When killed with a shield you may leave it for another team member to use if they are with you, if not take it back to a respawn for another player to use, you cannot hand it off to another player on the way back.

There are NPC's (none player characters) in play you can befriend them, bribe them for info, attack them but remember they have no loyalty to you.

You can capture enemy's or NPC's, you do this by putting them in a medic position and medicing them. One you have done this you must tap all weapons on there person and say there out of play be careful don't miss one as they can escape by using what they have or if there left alone too long they my wonder off. The maximum time you can hold a prisoner is 15 minuets unless they wish to stay longer. You can interrogate them try and get info to help you in the game.