Since the bombs went off in London everything changed the country started to self destruct. Everything stopped, people turned on each other, gangs began taking over parts of Britain and various factions started forming. Within all the darkness was a light the NEW LONDON ELITE who started creating some sort of order in the areas they controlled pushing out from NEW LONDON.

They reformed towns one by one claiming all resources as there own and recruiting anyone with skill to there ranks wether they liked it or not.

Although many see them as saviours there are others that see the oppression to come and are making there stand against them. They call them selves the FREE ENGLISH ARMY they believe the country should be in the hands of the people and believe the NEW LONDON ELITE will become a dictatorship and will not let them stand.

So anyone with a skill set has become high priority. Resources are been collected and stock piled and put under high security. Currency has crashed going back to gold and silver for payment as bits of paper mean nothing anymore.


The story has begun and where else but Norwich. The NEW LONDON ELITE were just on a routine asset collection and cleanse of the area. When they received heavy resistance from an unknown force, later revealed as the FREE ENGLISH ARMY. It was a difficult fight but the NLE managed to clear the area to make it a NLE state.

The asset that they where after was found to be not alone as the Intel stated in fact he had a highly trained companion who protected him at all costs. This man was also doing work for gold that hindered both the NLE and the FEA and has become a person of interest to both sides.

The asset and his companion managed to evade capture and are still at large.

The NLE manage to safely extract 1 create of medical supplies and as a bonus found and extracted a cache of gold to fund there cause.


The NLE ventured into the city of Sheffield in the pursuit of the mercenary and the Surgeon, they acquired photo evidence of the merc and surgeon with a name "FRENCHY" but they both still remain ghosts.

The NLE managed to secure various locations in the city where they have now formed safe houses so they can continue an overwatch in the area. Doing this has caused an uprising in the city lead by a warlord named "STRIKER".

The FEA failed to to gain Intel on the NLE command structure but stopped them from having a significant force in the free city leaving them scattered.

The FEA managed to liberate prisoners from "STRIKER" by lacing his palms with gold that they acquired in the city. To only be betrayed by him as he seems to have his own agenda.


After a very cagey mission of entering the free city of the north (Sheffield) the NLE have become very uneasy, with new factions forming all over Britain. So have sent scouting parties to various city's to gain Intel on fortified positions, operations and faction leaders.

One place was having a lot of chatter and movement "THE CITY OF TRURO" which is in CORNWALL where the lost, afflicted and unwanted go to disappear. Not much is known of the goings on in this most southern county of Britain but not many return from its borders.

The Intel had whispers of convoy moving supply's to various villages and towns. The FREE ENGLISH ARMY has been mentioned but it has not been confirmed if it is them or another unknown faction.


The FEA and NLE ventured into wales to see if the roomers where true about the CHILDREN OF THE STAR and they were not ready for what they found. Nearly every village was radicalised and support the COTS.

The NLE went in hard hitting bringing some of the villages under there control. The FEA managed to sway a few villages to there corse but found the people where too far gone in the ways of brother number 4.

After the insertion of the nuclear warheads for the CHILDREN OF THE STAR the NLE managed to liberate them and evac them to a safe holding area but are still needing to be moved to a safe location.

After much fighting and questioning BROTHER NUMBER 4 was located in one of the villages he was first captured by the FEA and held in the village but the NLE came down on them like an iron hammer squashing there forces, but unbeknown to them it was an elaborate trap by BROTHER NUMBER 4 they thought they had him but the villagers staged an execution cu of all the NLE forces allowing WALES to become under the total control of the CHILDREN OF THE STAR.

The Free English Army has acquired Intel

on the New London Elite COMMANDERS

who are in charge of the transportation of the Javelins from Wales.

They are known as "THE TWINS" a brutal pair with no room for mercy but always get the job done.

They were both brought up in a special boarding home for violent kids and were deemed as out casts. But when the world changed they just seemed to fit right in! and became a great asset for the "NEW LONDON ELITE".

The "NEW LONDON ELITE" have managed

to get an idea of some of the command

Structure in the "FREE ENGLISH ARMY"

and believe an attack is imminent on there

convoy. With intel from past missions they have managed to piece together that these two men are a major threat. They have no known names so have been given the code name the mercs.

The NLE waited patently for the secure transport to arrive to move the bombs one by one. The FEA didnt make this an easy task as an informant had leaked the transports route and the commanders running the op. The NLE Punched a hole in the FEA forces as they went through Liverpool towards New London securing the bombs but this was done so with heavy loses with codes for the NLE's weapon caches been deciphered and retrieved to the capture of there mission commanders (The Twins) which have now been transported to a FEA black site.

The NLE have herd whispers of a FEA black site in Derby where two key operatives "THE TWINS" may be held. NLE have dispatched there special forces Know as "BLACK SECTION" to infiltrate and retrieve there assets before any sensitive information is compromised. The FEA are on high alert and the black site is in lock down ready to fend off any attack whilst the Intel is being extracted from the prisoners.

The NLE special forces "BLACK SECTION" mounted an operation to retrieve there assets "THE TWINS" from the FEA black site. They executed a well organised plan managing to rescue and keep one of "THE TWINS" safe through the various villages to the evac location.

The other was not so lucky as the "BLACK SECTION" forces where over come with the second twin been re-captured and moved to an unknown location.

There has been reports of a lone FEA operative who has been gathering Intel on the NLE in Hull. The problem is he's been out in the wilds too long and hidden Intel in creates and unwilling to come in. The FEA have dispatched forces to retrieve there operative and bring him in avoiding detection NLE forces in the area.

The NLE ventured into dank murky Hull the fog was low making advancement in the city hard.

The NLE where in search of there injured asset whom they found very jumpy not knowing who was friend or foe but on extraction they ran into FEA force who managed to capture him, but with a series of unfortunate events the asset escaped and is now in the wind. Although the asset disappeared the NLE managed to recover the 2 Intel catches he gathered on the FEA and sent them for decoding. Also all but a few straggling FEA forces were ether captured or killed by the NLE making Hull under the rule of NEW LONDON.

The battle for the borders of Nottinghamshire has begun both sides setting up FOB's to mount there attack from to push in and take various strategic points in Nottingham. The NLE had included some key assets in this mission Manks, Whelan and Freeman bringing Force, deception and over watch to an already skilled NLE unit. As the NLE pushed into Nottingham they found heavy resistance from FEA and resistance fighters lead by the elusive MERC creating a wall between the NLE an Nottingham Elite. The NLE how ever manage to retrieve a laptop on a raid on the FEA's FOB lead by Freeman which has now on its way to there data retrieval specialist.

.The FEA was in search of Intel on the nuclear base they managed to locate and decrypt one laptop to gain access to the Intel. The NLE forces were kept in the dark of the FEA's movement as they had a undercover operative in there ranks hindering there every move. Suspicion was raised when the NLE decrypted a laptop to gain Intel and it mysteriously disappeared. He was apprehended on route to meet his handlers and is now in NLE custardy. The FEA managed to retrieve both parts of the Intel giving them the location of the nuclear base.

The NLE wasn't ready for what they found at the DEVILS MIST plant the fortification was unlike anything they had encountered before the shear man and fire power was to make there job a mammoth task to break the FEA and cartel coalition. The NLE manage to deploy there communications out posts in secrecy but a key member of there force was captured and interrogated for there locations. Allowing the FEA to deploy an engineer team to fit jamming devices to the communications equipment. The FEA in the mist of all the chaos had to make good on shipments they had promised of Devils Mist but there were complications with there transport arrangements and were double crossed by there driver who killed the rest of the transport team keeping the product for himself. The second shipment was heavily guarded after the first fiasco and reached its destination. The interference of the NLE in the area caused a retaliation on there FOB but the FEA couldn't break down there defences to remove them.

The NLE and the FEA were toe to toe fighting over the Lancashire boarder no one was willing to give an inch. Every village was damaged beyond repair as not a single persons was holding back. But in the end the it became a dramatic stand off in the last village with the NLE Just managing to hold there ground.